Remote Desktop access

Access a Campus PC via the Remote Desktop

To connect to your work machine on campus via Remote Desktop, you will need to make sure you have;

  1. Know the name of the computer that you wish to gain remote access to
  2. Connected to the VPN (Cisco Secure Client)
  3. You may also need the IP address of your computer

Step 1: Find computer name

To find out the name of the computer and IP Address, you will need to be logged in to the machine and do the following:

  • From the start button, search for and select the “Who Am I” app
  • The computer name is the “computer name” and the IP address is the top of the list under “IP addresses” and will in the format of 131.231.x.x or 158.125.x.x
Information screen showing who am I info screen

Step 2: Launch remote desktop

To launch the remote desktop client on Windows:

  • In the Windows search bar located bottom left-hand side, type: remote desktop
  • Select Remote desktop connection 
Blank RDP Client open screenshot

Step 3: Set display options

Before you connect, by default the connection will be displayed full screen. We recommend that you first:

  • Click the Show Options
  • Select the Display tab
  • Use the Remote desktop size slider to reduce the size of the screen resolution
Picture showing the slider to change the RDP screen size

Step 4: Connect

In the Computer field:

  • Add the *Full Computer name of your on-campus computer or IP address
  • Click Connect


Image of the remote desktop connection menu filled