Teaching and Learning in 2020/21

Flexible delivery methods to support and develop your learning

Your lecturers have been preparing their teaching to provide flexible module delivery that is as interactive, engaging and inclusive as possible. There will be a mixture of in-person teaching delivered on campus, on-demand pre-recorded lectures and online live interactive sessions.

Your modules and Learn

Delivery methods will likely vary from module to module, so it is crucial that you familiarise yourself with the requirements for each and seek clarity from your module leaders if you are unclear about any aspects.

Each of your modules will have its own area on Learn, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Your Learn modules should contain a roadmap for you of the planned learning activities, on-demand recorded lectures and any other tasks that have been set for you, providing you with a clear outline of what is expected of you for each module.

Many of your modules will contain on-demand pre-recorded lectures and activities to complete prior to attending the live interactive sessions, either in-person or online. You should ensure you watch these recordings and complete any tasks that are set in order to get the most out of live interactive sessions – your lecturers will be planning a mix of live sessions that require you to have engaged with the ‘on demand’ required content beforehand.

Any on-demand (pre-recorded) sessions you need to watch each week will also normally be detailed at the top of your weekly timetable, and set out clearly in the module weekly guidance.

Your timetable

Your timetable will indicate which of your teaching sessions will be in-person (indicated by the number of a room on campus) and which will be delivered online.

Make sure you regularly check your timetable as it is possible that the delivery method for some sessions may have to change at short notice.

Delivery types

On demand Pre-recorded sessions to be accessed at a convenient day and time in the week in line with other scheduled classes.
In person These timetabled events will have a set day and time and physically taught on campus.
Online Online delivery means that a live event will take place at a specific day and time, and the timetabled event will link directly to the module channel in MS Teams for students to access the session.
Remote IT These IT lab sessions will be taught online, hosted through MS Teams with instructions of how to connect to the PC or Mac through the remote desktop.
Dual Timetabled events labelled as ‘dual’ will allow both in-person and online delivery to be set up in an agile manner. One part of the session will be taught in a room on campus and in addition the session will be broadcast live through MS Teams. This setting is unlikely to be used frequently because students will normally be preallocated into online or in person classes.

Online live interactive sessions

Online live interactive sessions will be delivered through MS Teams, please therefore download the MS Teams app by following the guidance available for how to access our systems. You will be able to click a link on your timetable to take you to the Teams channel for that session, your lecturer will then start the session which will automatically bring you into the session. If you are late arriving in the channel, you will see that the session is in progress and be able to join it.

As a default you may be able to see more than one channel within your module team. Each one relates to a different timetabled group, the link from your timetable will take you through to the group you are assigned to. To avoid confusion, it's advisable to turn off notifications for the channels you are not involved in.

Please note, you might want to use the 'desktop' version of the timetable so that when you click the link to the session, you join that session on a computer rather than a mobile device to ensure that you can access all of the features available.

If your session is timetabled as a 1 or 2 hour period, it may be that the live part of the session is only for the second half of this slot. If this is the case, you will see a note from your lecturer when you join the session informing you of the start time and any pre-recordings that need to be accessed beforehand.

Attendance check-in

The University uses the myLboro app to allow you to check-in and record your attendance.

As a student of the University you are expected to attend scheduled teaching sessions and inform your School if you are not able to do so for a valid reason. You should use the MyLboro App to check into to both your in-person teaching sessions and those delivered online, including Microsoft Teams sessions and remote laboratories.

Where to go for IT support

The IT Service Desk and PC Clinic are the central point of contact for help, advice and support for all IT related services. The PC Clinic is based on the third floor of the Library but for the first few weeks of team this year they can be found in the tents directly opposite the Library. Further details can be found on the IT Services webpages, including details of how best to get support.

IT Services