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Working Remotely - VPN

Access a Campus PC via the Remote Desktop

To use the Remote Desktop Connection to access a computer on campus remotely, on the off-campus computer, you will need to;

  1. Know the name of the computer that you wish to gain remote access to. 
  2. To be logged in via the Cisco AnyConnect client
  3. You may also need the IP address of your computer

To find out the name of your computer and IP Address: Launch the Start button then select Who Am I from the Loughborough University App list.  The computer name is the computer name, and the IP address is the top of the list under IP addresses and will be formatted as 131.231.128.*** or something similar to this.

Start Microsoft Remote Desktop:

Windows Service: from your Start button scroll down on the list of programs to Windows Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.

Enter either the computer name or the IP address

On a Mac: Remote desktop will be available from the Apple store and it works the same way as the Windows client.


Screen image: Remote Desktop Connection.

Before you connect, by default the connection will be displayed full screen. We recommend that you first click the Options >> button, and then select the Display tab. The following screen will be displayed:

Screen image: Remote Desktop Connection - Display.

Use the Remote desktop size slider to reduce the size of the screen resolution to be used. Click on the General tab.

Screen image: Remote Desktop Connection - General.

In the Computer field, you will need to add the name of your on-campus computer or IP address. Please refer to the instructions above on how to 'find out the name of your computer or IP Address'.