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Cisco Jabber User Guides

Step by step instructions for using Cisco Jabber.

Logging in

When logging into Jabber using your user credentials please ensure to log in correctly by entering your Loughborough University username followed by “” and click on "Sign In".

If you cannot find the software or have removed it previously, it can be re-loaded from the Software Centre. This can be found by typing 'Software Centre' in your Windows search bar. 

How to reset and configure Jabber for Windows


Sign out

To reset Jabber, you will need to sign out of Jabber by clicking on the cog/gear icon, then select "File" and click on "Sign Out".



Once signed out, you will be shown the login screen.  Click on "Reset Jabber".


Confirm Reset

A pop will prompt asking "Are you sure you want to reset Cisco Jabber". Proceed by clicking on "Reset". 


4. Add username

Next, you will be taken to the Jabber login screen. Proceed by logging in by entering your Loughborough University username followed by "" ( and click on "Continue".


Add password

Next, proceed by entering your password and clicking on "Sign In".  Your username will be automatically displayed.


Configure for calls

Once you have signed in please ensure you have configured Jabber to "Use my computer for calls".  To enable this, click on the green small icon of a computer icon at the bottom of the Jabber window.  This will allow you to set which device will be used for calls.  Select "Use my computer for calls" to be able to use your computer's headset and microphone for telephone calls.


Speakers & microphone

Lastly, double check that Jabber is using the correct speakers and microphone.  Click on the cog/gear icon followed by "File" and then “Settings”.



Audio settings

The options window will appear. From the options list on the left select "Audio".


Confirm setting

In the "Speaker" and "Microphone" dropdown list you can select the device where you would like the audio to be outputted and the microphone you would like to use.

How do I Change Between Jabber Deskphone and Softphone Modes?

Phone controls allows you to set either your desk phone or computer to act as your phone and set up call forwarding.

If you set your computer to act as your phone, and your computer is equipped with a webcam, then you will be able to use Jabber to make video calls.

If you set your desk phone to act as your phone, you will not be able to make video calls using Jabber.


Windows Users

Jabber Guide Windows 3


Mac Users


How Do I Create A Persistent Chat Room In Jabber?

As of Tuesday 10th May 2022, IT Services has disabled the persistent chat rooms function within Cisco Jabber and it will not longer be supported. This change is to improve the use of Cisco Jabber to solely support telephony requirements and to support migration from Cisco Jabber to Microsoft Teams which will allow for a greater user experience with added functionality. 

We recommend the use of Microsoft Teams to support group chat activity. Guidance on creating teams can be found on the following link: