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Can I Use Jabber Off-Campus?

If you work from home, or somewhere where there is access to the Internet, you can use Jabber to make voice and video calls using your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile phone as though you are using your deskphone. This depends on the device on which you are using Jabber being equipped with a suitable webcam and microphone.

The Jabber services that will be available to you off-campus will depend on the speed of your connection to the Internet and how many other active users are sharing the available bandwidth. As the level of available bandwidth increases, so does the quality of the audio and video calls made using Jabber.

Although it isn’t necessary to connect to the University’s VPN to make use of Jabber when off-campus, if the screen sharing and file transfer features of Jabber are required, then a connection to the University’s VPN will be required.

Unable to login to Jabber from off-campus?

If you are unable to login to Jabber from off-campus and receive an error saying "Cannot communicate with server" then please reset your Jabber client and follow these instructions: 

To reset Jabber, you first will need to sign out of Jabber by clicking on your initials on the top left of the Jabber window followed by clicking on “Sign Out”.


Once signed out you will be shown the login screen.  Click on “Reset Configuration”.



Next you will be taken to the Jabber login screen.  Proceed by logging in by entering your Loughborough University AD username followed by “” and click on “Sign in”.



Fault Reporting

Email or phone (01509)222333.

We will need your name, the extension number, your location and a description of the fault with a rough idea of when the fault first occurred.

Please also state if it is your extension that is faulty or if you are reporting it on behalf of another person.

Jabber For iPhone, iPad And Android Devices

You can use your iPhone, iPad or Android devices with Jabber to make and receive voice and video calls as though you are using your deskphone.

You can download the necessary Cisco Jabber apps from the Apple and Google App Stores.

Please be aware that Jabber for iPhone/iPad and Jabber for Android are subject to application management by the device and may be hibernated without your knowledge. The client will be unable to receive calls or messages when in this state and, as such, we do not recommend it be relied upon for receiving calls.

The Jabber for iPhone/iPad and Jabber for Android services have to be enabled as required by an individual user. If you require them enabling for your extension number then please contact IT Services on 01509 222 333 or by email

How Do I Change My Presence Status In Jabber?

Show other users if you are available to be contacted. Your status is automatically updated if you are on the phone or in a meeting and you can also configure custom status messages.

To change your availability status, click on the status button and select the required status from the drop-down list.

You can set up to three custom status messages for each availability state.

To insert a new status message, click in the status message field and add your new status message.


It appears like phone calls are being made, but you cannot hear or speak to anyone.

This is typically because Jabber is set to control your office desk phone and not the computer you are working at.

This setting is changed by using the small icon of a computer with a headset or telephone icon at the bottom of the Jabber window. This will allow you to set which device will be used for calls.

You will need to select “Computer” or “Use my computer for calls” to be able to use your computer’s headset and microphone for telephone calls.

Underneath “Use my computer for calls” you may also see 'Audio Options...' if you are using a headset you may need to select this to change your preferred audio output and input device.