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Why Duo?

We have chosen Duo Security as our multi-factor authentication solution because of these benefits:

  • Duo protects your account and your data
    To gain access to your University account, an attacker would need the physical device you use Duo with along with either your passcode/phrase or fingerprint/facial recognition. If all the attacker has is your University credentials (username and password), they can't get in. One factor can fail, and the other will still protect you.

  • Duo protects Loughborough University
    Duo will provide enhanced security for the University’s data assets, including accounts, applications and websites.

  • Duo offers flexibility
    The simplest way to use Duo is via a free mobile app on your smartphone or tablet which will receive a push notification when you log in to a service which you need to approve. Alternative to the app is a hardware security token (a small device resembling a flash drive) however access to this is limited.

  • Duo is simple
    Duo offers easy integration with other services and provides a simple user interface.