FAQs - MFA & DUO mobile

If you are experiencing issues with the service, please email MFA support using the button below or contact our IT Service desk:


Which student services are affected by MFA?

The following is a list of Services requiring you to use MFA:-

  • Email
  • Learn
  • VPN
  • Student Self Service
  • MyResults

*This list is not exhaustive and additional services will be subject to MFA.

What if I accidentally deny the Duo Security push notification?

You can request a new push notification via the web interface or enter your username and password again on the VPN which will trigger a new push notification.

What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

If you had Duo Security set up on your smartphone using the Duo Mobile app, contact IT Services on call 01509 222333.

Call IT Services

I cannot use the Duo mobile app or hardware security token?

If you are unable to use the Duo Mobile App or a hardware token due to accessibility requirements then contact us to discuss options

Contact the MFA team

DUO account

How do I register more than one device with Duo Security?

We recommend registering multiple devices in Duo where possible because this will provide a backup method of authenticating with Duo when your primary method is not available.

If you have multiple devices registered in Duo, the most recent device used with the application you are signing into will receive the Duo prompt. You will not receive prompts from every device each time you authenticate. You can however choose to receive the prompt on another device when authenticating.

To enrol a second device:

1. Go to https://lboro.login.duosecurity.com/devices
2. Login using your University email address and password, and accept the Duo prompt
3. Select "Add a device"
4. Follow the enrolment wizard to add a second device

How to access multiple accounts using MFA?

If you have multiple Loughborough accounts, please contact the IT Service Desk on 01509222333 so these can be linked with your current registered device.

Call IT Services

How do I log into Duo Security if I have forgot my phone?

If you have registered a second device in Duo you can select your backup method from the list of Duo options and authenticate that way.

Alternatively, please contact IT Services on 01509 222333 or mfa@lboro.ac.uk who will be able to help you login. Please be aware that the IT Service Desk will ask you a series of questions to verify your identity.

Why am I being asked for a “bypass code” when I try to set up Duo?

Duo asks for a bypass code when the enrolment process is abandoned without completing all the steps.
To resolve this, please contact IT Services on 01509 222333

DUO app

What is the minimum required operating system version of iOS and Android to run Duo?

Duo Mobile requires at minimum iOS 15.0 or Android 11.0

I have a new smartphone, how do I set it up with Duo Security?

If you still have your original device you can restore Duo using the Duo Restore instructions . If you no longer have access to your original device, please contact the IT Service Desk on 01509 222333 for assistance.

Duo Restore instructions

Hardware token

What do I do if my hardware security token is lost or stolen?

Contact IT Services immediately if your hardware security token is lost or stolen. The IT Service Desk will be able to remove the hardware token from your account and advise on how to obtain a new hardware security token.

Contact IT Services

What do I do if my hardware security token stops working?

If you are having problems with your hardware security token - for example it is no longer generating a code, or has a corrupt or blank display - please contact IT Services on 01509 222 333 or mfa@lboro.ac.uk and they will advise on how to obtain a new hardware security token.

(Staff) I am unable to use the Duo Mobile app, how do I request a hardware security token?

To request a hardware security token please use this form.

If you are off campus and so cannot access the form then please email it.services@lboro.ac.uk with the following information:

  • Your University username
  • Reason for requesting a hardware token
  • Confirmation that you have discussed this with your Ops Manager/Head of Service and they have approved it
  • Email Address of Ops Manager/Head of Service

(Student) I am unable to use the Duo Mobile app, how do I request a hardware security token?

To request a hardware security token, please email it.services@lboro.ac.uk with the following information:

  • Your university username
  • Reason for requesting a security token including mitigating circumstances
  • Your contact details

Data usage, security and privacy

Does Duo Security use my mobile data?

The mobile ‘Duo Push’ function uses the phone's internet or mobile connection, whichever is available.

If you are not on Wi-Fi, Duo pushes consume a tiny amount of data. Each push consumes less than 2KB of data, which means it would take 500 authentications a month to reach 1MB.

The ‘Duo Mobile Passcode’ function does not consume any data.

Does Duo Mobile protect my privacy?

The Duo mobile app collects information from your device when you attempt to authenticate using that device. The data that is collected is not user identifying and is not used to track what you are doing.

Duo collects two types of information from you:
The first type is about your authentication attempts, such as your hardware model, operating system, unique user and device identifiers, connection information and IP address. The transmission of this information cannot be disabled.

The second is security data about the device. This allows users to maintain strong security hygiene on their mobile devices. Data such as OS version, Duo Mobile app version, and whether screen lock and fingerprint or facial recognition is enabled is collected.

Why might I see "A WiFi or Cellular network connection is required" on Duo Mobile on an Android Device?

You may see the following error from Duo Mobile running on an Android device while no authentication attempt is being made:

A WiFi or cellular network connection is required. Please check your network settings.

User-added image

This message typically appears anywhere from 30 minutes to hours/days after a successful authentication has been completed, and it can be disregarded. This is a known issue that Duo is working to resolve.

How does Duo Security work when I am travelling?

Duo Security will continue to work as normal over Wi-Fi or mobile data where available. If Wi-Fi or mobile data is not available, then you can generate a security code within the Duo Mobile app instead.

Can I disable Duo Security?

To ensure the security of University data and your IT account, multi-factor authentication will be required at all times when accessing services and resources remotely.