Safety Nets

Safety Nets were introduced during COVID-19 to mitigate the disruption and impact on students' performance.

What are Safety Nets?

The Loughborough Undergraduate and Postgraduate Safety Nets were introduced for all students to ensure consistency, equity and fairness in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Safety Nets were used successfully during the 2019/20 to 2021/22 academic years to support students and acknowledge potential disruption to their studies in this period. 

The Safety Nets are no longer applicable to most results. However, for students who undertook degree credit-bearing modules in Semester 2 of 2019/20, Safety Net 4 will continue for as long as is required when assessing their degree outcome. 

What is Safety Net 4?

Undergraduate students

We will calculate two potential degree marks for you. The first mark will be based on credit obtained from all Part B, C and D modules except those completed in Semester 2 of 2019/20. The second mark will use the standard approach of calculating your degree mark and include all modules, including those completed in Semester 2 of 2019/20. If the two marks result in different degree classifications, you will receive the higher degree classification.

Postgraduate Taught students

If you are a continuing or part-time student who took modules in Semester 2 of 2019/20, we will ensure that degree outcomes are in line with the result that you could have expected based on other marks. We will consider, in particular, the marks obtained in Semester 2 2019/20 in the context of those obtained in other Semesters and academic years.

*Please be aware that, whilst most of the information on the 2021/22 Safety Net webpages applied to the 2021/22 academic year only, the information on Safety Net 4 continues to be applicable to students who studied degree bearing credit in Semester 2 of 2019/22.

How do I know if my degree classification is based on Safety Net 4?

When you receive your results, you will be told via the results portal if you have received a higher degree classification under Safety Net 4. Your degree certificate will show this higher degree classification. Transcripts will show the marks achieved, including all modules you have undertaken.

If the results portal does not tell you that your degree classification has been raised under Safety Net 4, then your classification is based upon your standard degree mark. This is because Safety Net 4 made no difference to your degree classification outcome.

I am a continuing student. How will Safety Net 4 be applied to me?

Safety Net 4 will only apply if you undertook degree credit-bearing modules in Semester 2 of 2019/20. For these students, we will continue to apply Safety Net 4 as appropriate in future years as you progress through your degree programme. This will ensure any disruption to your studies in Semester 2 of 2019/20 will be considered at your final programme board.

Please note that from 2020/21 onwards, the minimum requirements for credits/marks referred to under Safety Net 4 reverted to the standard requirements in Regulation XX and Regulation XXI, and in programme specifications.