What's new

We update the handbook from time to time - here's what's changed and when since the start of Academic Year 2022/23.

27 Mar 23

University and School Prizes are now (mostly) available for viewing in the During your studies section. Three Schools' prizes are still under consideration but will be made live in the next couple of weeks. This was updated for w/c 27th March 2023.

University and School Prizes page

27 Feb 23

Information on 'Student names and pronouns' and 'Gender and Legal sex' has been comprehensively updated within the Changing your registration section, and split into two (sets of) pages. They provide a wealth of guidance and support regarding what information we hold and how you can change it. This was updated ahead of w/c 27th Feb 2023.

Student names and pronouns page Gender and Legal sex page

13 Jan 23

Information on Statutory returns was returned to the site after a review identified it had been omitted when the site was relaunched on 31 October 2022.

Statutory returns page

10 Nov 2022

The 'What is academic misconduct?' box has been updated to flag up that essay mills/contract cheating services are now illegal within the UK.

Academic Misconduct page

31 Oct 2022

The site has been redeveloped from the ground up. If you find anything curious, broken or otherwise slightly unhinged, please email registry.web@lboro.ac.uk and let us know what you've found. Thank you.