Assessment at Loughborough

Whatever your programme of study, it will involve some form of assessment. For the majority of programmes assessment is conducted through a mixture of exams, coursework and assessed tutorials/tests. Being prepared for assessment is vital to success. Effective learning and revision is important, but it's equally as important to be aware of what's expected of you during assessment and what options are available if the unforeseen occurs.

The teaching and assessment timeline

Lectures, tutorials and other classes are timetabled on weekdays between 9am and 6pm. Teaching does not take place on Saturdays, Sundays or University closure days (Bank Holidays etc), but assessed activities such as exams or field trips may occur on these days.

Examinations and coursework tests held in academic departments may be scheduled at any time between 9am and 6pm Monday to Saturday (inclusive).

Centrally managed University examinations are scheduled:

during weeks 13 to 15 of Semester 1, and weeks 13 to 16 of Semester 2,
held Monday to Friday (inclusive),
at different times depending on exam format (e.g. online or in-person).

Details of the date, format, start and finish time of your centrally managed examinations will be detail in your Exam Timetable. This will be released on Learn no later than 3 weeks before the start of an examination period.

Special Assessment Period examinations are scheduled:

at the end of August and start of September
weekdays for two weeks


Unfortunately, the complexity of the University’s teaching and assessment timetable means that it is not currently possible to make special teaching and assessment timetable arrangements in individual student cases. If you feel that you will be unable to participate in assessments due to an unavoidable event (such as elite sporting activity or necessary religious observance) please contact your department at the earliest opportunity.


Assessment Decisions

After your exams have been marked and moderated, they will then be passed to a Programme Board (along with marks that you may have been awarded for other assessments) in order that a final decision can be taken on your Part outcome.

Eligibility for assessment

In some programmes, students are not permitted to take certain assessments if they have not completed other assessments (including laboratory assignments) to the satisfaction of the School/department. Your Programme Handbook will state if this applies in your case.