Coursework and Feedback

We use coursework assessments to help us - and you - assess your progress within a module, and provide feedback to support your learning.

Some required coursework (which could be a test, report, presentation, design etc) is set to give you feedback on your progress. This is called formative assessment. Coursework which is formally marked, and contributes to your final module mark, is called summative assessment. Your School will be able to tell you more about the types of assessment for each module on your programme.

Feedback is essential to your learning whilst at University; it helps you understand what you are doing well and how you might improve. You can find more guidance on what feedback is, how to recognise it, and best utilise it below.

We provide some technical information on assessment and feedback in the Academic Quality Procedures Handbook. This goes through the principles, processes and practicalities involved in assessing student work. Your tutors and School administrators will tell you what they expect from you in terms of completing the work in a timely fashion.

However, if you hit circumstances where you think you need an extension on coursework (for undergraduates and taught postgraduates) or a project/dissertation (for taught postgraduates only), then please refer to the specific guidance below.

Academic Quality Procedures Handbook: Section on Assessment and Feedback