Calculator Policy for In-person Exams

The University has reviewed its calculator policy for May/June 2022. An updated calculator policy for in-person exams is below.

Principles around the use of calculators

  1. You may use a calculator, unless you are explicitly told otherwise, for an exam or other assessment.
  2. The calculator may not have any means of transmitting or receiving information during the exam. Therefore, the use of all mobile devices and smart watches as calculators is not permitted. Please also note that mobile devices and smart watches are not allowed in the exam hall as described elsewhere.
  3. If you use a calculator:
    1. make sure it works properly and check that the batteries are ok;
    2. it must be silent in operation, fit on the desk, and have its own self-contained power supply;
    3. you must clear anything stored in it prior to the exam, including data, mathematical formulae, dictionaries or other text;
    4. you must also remove any pre-prepared programs stored on it (irrespective of whether you have downloaded them or created yourself);
    5. remove any parts such as cases, lids or covers which have printed instructions or formulae;
    6. do not bring any operating instructions into the exam room.
  4. Invigilators may examine any item a student brings into the examination room. If a calculator does not comply with these rules, it will be confiscated and returned only at the end of the examination; no replacement will be provided.
  5. These rules may be over-ridden in specific individual cases where a student has a reasonable adjustment which has been agreed with the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team.

Tips for using a calculator in the exam:

Please note that marks are generally awarded for the different stages of a calculation and therefore it is important to clearly write down all of your working out and not just the answer. Therefore, you should:

  1. Write down explicitly any expressions you’ve used the calculator to evaluate;
  2. Clearly indicate the values of any parameters and variables you’ve input into the calculator. You do not need to write down data transferred from question paper to calculator;
  3. Standard mathematical notation (rather than “calculator notation”) should be used.