How your work is marked

Your work will be marked and moderated (marks reviewed and checked) using a standard set of procedures that are the same across the University.

This new guidance applies to the 23/24 academic year.
Previous guidance is available for reference.

Loughborough prides itself on the fair assessment of all academic work for which marks are awarded. The University’s regulations govern the marking of your work and there are additional practical procedures tailored to different types of assessed work. Summary information on the marking process is provided below and we encourage you to read and understand it. You can find more detail in Regulation VII and Section 12.2 of the Academic Quality Procedures Handbook.

The information here applies to summative assessments only. These are assessments which contribute to the final mark for the relevant module. Students may also be required to undertake formative assessments which are designed to support your learning and help you check your progress prior to completing a formally assessed piece of summative work. Formative assessments do not count towards the module mark.