The Mitigating Circumstances process

There are different stages involved in submitting an MC claim if you have experienced circumstances outside of your control.

Follow the steps below if you have experienced circumstances outside of your control that could or has had a negative impact on your academic performance.

1. Contact us and access support

If your academic performance could be impacted by circumstances outside of your control, we encourage you to make the University aware of your situation as soon as possible.

The University has a range of different services to support you through your personal circumstances.

University support for your circumstances

2. Decide whether to claim

If your assessment could be or has been negatively impacted by circumstances outside of your control, please review Reasons to Claim and decide whether or not to submit an MC claim.

Please note, there are a series of situations that will not be considered appropriate reasons to submit an MC claim.

Reasons to Claim

3. Prepare your claim

Your claim should include:

  • As much detail as possible of your circumstance(s).
  • A full explanation outlining how your circumstance(s) has impacted your academic performance in your assessment(s).
  • Which assessment(s) was impacted by the circumstances outlined in your claim by selecting the relevant components on the online form.
  • Any evidence that will verify and support your claim. However, we recognise that it can be challenging to gather evidence for some claims so please submit your claim anyway. Please note that you should NOT submit photographic evidence of injuries or illness.
Supporting evidence

4. Submit your claim

You should submit your Mitigating Circumstances Claim via Student-Self Service by the published deadline.

Submitting your claim

5. Consideration of your claim

Your MC claim will be fairly and sympathetically considered by your School’s Mitigating Circumstances Panel.

Consideration of Your Claim

6. Receive the decision and outcome of your claim

Once your claim has been considered, you will receive an email when the outcome of your claim is available.

Depending on the outcome of your claim, you may need to register for a repeat attempt.

Potential Outcomes