Software as a Service (SaaS)


The SaaS (Software as a Service) process to implement a new cloud-based software solution, which can be defined as a method of software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription, rather than bought and installed on individual computers.

Cloud software approval process

Picture of the SaaS process

Review processes

  • Review and streamline your business processes
  • Take advice from Change projects

Build business case

  • Gain senior management support
  • Obtain budget approval
  • Consider data sharing
  • List requirements
  • Check against existing systems

Request and evaluate

  • Request via IT Business Partnering
  • Complete DPIA
  • Follow procurement process
  • Evaluate IT Security


  • Data sharing via data stewards
  • Business case via senior management
  • IT solution via IT senior leadership team

If you require a new cloud service (SaaS) or access to an already approved one, please complete the form using the link below

A - Z list of approved SaaS solutions

Last updated 30/03/2022

Name of SaaSService description
Advance HE End Point Assessment for Degree apprentices (Academic Registry) Assessment management platform

The purpose of the software is to track online engagement to reveal how and where LU research is making a difference.

Ambassador System (TAP) Peer-to-peer support for the student recruitment process. 
Analyst by EMSI Labour market analysis software
Apex Lockers  Parcel distribution via lockers
APCOA Electric Vehicle Charging 
APCOA Provider of the new car parking management system on campus.
Authorship Plagiarism detection tool
Belbin Team role assessment
Billetto Event booking
Board Intelligence Board Management software
CAP2 CoursePro App integrated into Legendware for the booking and management of swimming courses
ClickUp Project and task management tool
Climate Action Control Sustainability and Carbon footprint tool
Concierge Hub Hotel room - Food & drink ordering from own device
Connect 2 Loan management system
Cuttlefish (VLE for SSEHS) e-learning platform
Dashboard Casual staff shift, payment and training management
Degree Verification (Academic Registry) Communication management platform
DMPOnline  Online tool to create, review, and share data management plans
Earthsense Air Quality monitoring system for the University
EFI MarketDrirect StoreFront Web-to-print online store front 
eCareersGrad Provides in-depth interview technique support to a wide group of students and graduates
Emerald Impact Software toolkit to record and develop impact delivery plans for research.
Ethics RM Workflow system for Research Proposals
EyeQuant AI User experience feedback tool
Fiscal Technologies Analysis and reporting to: Identify areas of risk and fraud within supplier spend and transactions;
Flipgrid  Social Media Tool
Foresight GC2 Sport research
Gecko Improved target marketing
Gorilla Specialist online experimental hosting platform
Gradescope Grading platform used to grade paper-based, digital & code assignments.
Health Assured App (OCC Health) Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) services 
Inkpath A complete training management system with a built in booking system.
ILM End Point Assessment for Degree apprentices (Academic Registry) Contracts management platform
ImPACT Online software for research
Indeemo  Enables students on the UXD MA to conduct a remote diary study. to capture, journal and share in-the-moment thoughts and behaviours with qualitative researchers and brands in real time.
KoolZone  Temperature monitoring software of freezers
Kortex  e-Textbook solution: Access to digital copies of Course textbooks to both academic staff and students
Kukri Outsourcing the ordering of University sportswear
LeanKit Flexible Kanban Board and workflow functionality.
Legend Sports booking system for SDC
LibCal Study Space/Library resource booking system
LinkedIn Learning ( Training Online
Loomio Loomio is an online platform that provides a collaborative space for cooperatives.
MCR Loyalty ID card, loyalty reward system to replace cash+ Project and task management
Nutritics Lab software
Order & Eat 

The University's equivalent of Deliveroo or Just Eat, where anyone can place an order for food delivery. This will over time include local restaurants as well as University catering.

OH Referral System  OPAS-G2 is a consolidated, single state-of-the-art, system provided by Civica. It is designed to manage all OH documents including appointment bookings.
PageOne - Janet Text service  Text message alerting system
Pavlovia Professional Development platform
Pearson end point assessment for Degree apprentices (Academic Registry) Assessment management system 
Playwaze Sports Teams management tool
Potentially Personal Best - extra curricular management and reward system
PowToon Creating short videos
Proactis E-Marketplace solution which acts as the conduit between Agresso and punch out catalogues set up by the Procurement Team
Protocols Repository Research method repository
PT-X Payment software
PwC GITC Digital tax pathway between HMRC and Agresso
Qualtrics Advanced data collection survey software with AI analysis and reporting
Royal Mail & City Sprint Postal management system (click & drop)
Sensus Access Converts content (text documents) into accessible material based on the users needs
SHE software Incident Reporting Tool Health & Safety software
Silktide  Web governance and audit suite. Used to monitor the web site and identify a number of issues, such as Accessibility, typos readability etc
Simitive  Workload management
SmartPay Credit card Payments
SNAP surveys  Survey tool used for prospective and current students
Social Value Portal  A platform that allows its Members to measure, manage and report the delivery of social value.
Spoonfed System for placing catering orders e.g. student event requiring canapes and wine for 50 people. (Not for individual order placement)
Sports Office Performance sport athlete monitoring, analytics and management reporting
StreamYard Software to allow LU to stream live video to a LU web page, containing School specific panel discussion, directly through YouTube.
Stripo software that allows for easy creation of html emails that could be dropped into email clients (Outlook, CRM etc.) 
Storetec Bulk document scanning service
Student Pad Advertising platform for accommodation from private landlords 
Student Circus 

The purpose of the software is to provide International students with targeted careers information and work opportunities.

TM3 Physiotherapy Clinic Management System, including appointment bookings and billing etc.
Traction  PwC audit and actions tracking system 
Trybe Spa and leisure management software for the running of day to day functions. 
TUCO online Electronic system for placing catering orders
Turnitin Coursework submission software
Uniwellbeing It combines social engagement activities, tools and educational content to empower all users to self-help and build positive habits, coping skills and resilience.
VanillaSoft Telephony software to support marketing philanthropy campaigns 
Vianet Contactless payment solution for vending machines
Vineup Alumni / Student mentoring platform
Warp IT System for recycling and reusing furniture
Welovesurveys External survey tool with analysis of results
XMA Portal  Portal for IT consumables
Zoho Business Partnering engagement tracker and task manager

Step 1 - Review your business processes

  • Before you opt for a new software solution, please review your business processes, if you need help and advice from Change Projects they provide a ‘Guide on the Side’ service
  • Consider all potential stakeholders involved in the process under review and ensure they are kept informed. For example Academic Registry for student related processes, HR for staff etc
Change Projects

Step 2 - Build your business case and check there are no existing software solutions available

  • Create a requirements document listing essential and desirable features
  • Check if there is another similar software package already being used at LU which would meet the majority of your requirements. You can contact Business Partnering to review options (see stage 3)
  • Review your business case ensuring it is robust enough to justify the University providing another software solution
  • Ensure your request has senior management support (Operations Manager or Professional Services Head). They will be asked to approve this request before we can investigate it further
  • Ensure you have budget approval for the purchase, implementation and annual subscription
  • Consider what data will you be sharing with the software supplier. Are you sharing any personal data with the supplier? Why are you sharing this data? Do you have consent to share this data? Have you produced a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)?
  • Contact the relevant Data Steward for any potential data sharing
DPIA Data Steward

Step 3 – Discuss your request with IT Business Partnering

  • Complete a Software as a Service request form using the Saas Form button
  • A member of the team will review, discuss and validate your request with you
  • Business Partnering will identify and make the case to obtain approval for any additional IT resources required via the relevant boards and committees

Data sharing considerations and responsibilities

Review data sharing requirements with your appropriate Data Co-ordinator and undertake a data risk assessment for approval from the appropriate Data Steward.


You will need to speak to Procurement if the total contract value (or nominal 4 years if contract length unknown) is greater than £50,000 or if you are not following University Procurement Guidelines and the solution will cost more than £10,000.

IT security checks

Business Partnering will work with ITS colleagues to review the security and architecture of the proposed solution. We will contact the supplier of the SaaS and ask them a number of questions.

Saas Form Data Steward Data Co-ordinator Procurement

Step 4 - Approval

You will need to ensure:

  • The relevant Data Steward(s) have approved your DPIA
  • Your Senior Leadership Team representative has approved the proposal and accepting any associated risks
  • Procurement have approved your purchasing strategy (if over £10k)

Business Partnering will seek final approval from IT Services Senior Leadership Team.