SaaS Request form

Information required

The form cannot be saved partway through, so please ensure you have prepared your responses in advance. The following information is required to complete the request form.

Question guide

1. Details of the Business Approver

This should be a Head of School/Service/Operations. This person will be required to sign off on the purchase costs and the risk advisory document.

2. Access to a software demo/promo link

If there is an online demo/promotional video of the software, please provide the link, otherwise leave this field blank.

3. Contact details of the software supplier

Please provide the supplier name and the name and email of your contact person at the supplier.

4. Software purpose

In layperson terms, what does this software do? What process or activity will it support? Who will benefit from the introduction of this software?  

5. List the type of data your software will require access to

Provide a comprehensive list of data your proposed software solution will require. Examples include:
  • name
  • personal email address
  • Lboro email address
  • dietary requirements
  • medical condition
  • EDI data (please provide a specific list, e.g., sex, gender, race etc)
  • year of study
  • student ID number
  • staff ID
  • office location
  • home address; etc.

5. Identify the type(s) of data category

Is this data primarily related to staff, students, alumni or other.

  • Applicant (Student)
  • Student
  • Applicant (Staff)
  • Staff
  • Alumni
  • Finance
  • Campus Partner (e.g. Tenants)
  • Research
  • Visitor
  • Other

6. Type(s) of sensitive data being shared/collected

Will any data being collected/shared align to these categories?

  • Personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin
  • Personal data revealing political opinions
  • Personal data revealing religious or philosophical beliefs
  • Personal data revealing trade union membership
  • Genetic data
  • Biometric data (where used for identification purposes)
  • Data concerning physical or mental health
  • Data concerning a person's sex life
  • Data concerning a person's sexual orientation
  • Data concerning a child (under the age of 18; may include University applicants)
  • Commercially sensitive data
  • National security/military-related data
  • None of the above
Guidance - Data privacy-related resources

7. Where will the vendor store the data?

Where will the vendor store the data for this system? In the UK? EU? Other? 

If you cannot find this out easily, leave this field blank for now but try to find out and let the Business Partnering Team know as soon as possible. Your risk assessment cannot be completed without this information. Most software vendors have information about their data policies, storage, management and security on their websites.

8. Confirm the system users/accounts

Who will be interacting with the system, e.g., doctoral researchers, students, staff? How many people will access the system and how often? Will this change over time? Will people be required to have an account for the system? Should they ideally login with their University credentials?

9. Confirm the number of system administrators

How many system administrator accounts will you need, i.e., people who may need to add/delete user accounts, analyse user data; and/or produce management reports using the data? What roles do these people hold, e.g., Doctoral Programmes Administrator.

10. Software and licensing costs

What is the approximate cost of the solution? Are licenses costs per user and if so, how much per user? Is there an enterprise (site-wide) license that allows anyone in the University to use the software and if so, how much does that cost as an alternative? If the costs exceed statutory thresholds for conducting a tender process, you will be referred to the Procurement team.

11. Payment processing requirements

Will the software process any payments?

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