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Mac OS X

HallNet Connection

These steps will take you through configuring your computer to use the network and network services, and also installing the supported software. If you have any problems connecting, please bring your computer to the PC Clinic.

IT Services only provide support for Apple Macintosh OS X 10.8 and newer versions where support is provided by Apple. 

There are four stages to connecting to the HallNet service:

Step 1: Network (Configure networking on your PC)

Step 2: Patch (Update your operating system)

Step 3: Antivirus (Installing antivirus software)

Step 4: Register! (Registering on HallNet)

 After you register you might like to set up Printing from your Mac 

Mac OS X Step 1:

Network Connection


Plug in network cable

Connect the Ethernet cable to your device and the socket on the wall in your room. If your room has two then generally it’s the left-hand socket.


Set up location

Firstly it is suggested, though not essential, that you set up separate location for your Hall connection. In this documentation a location called HallNet has been set up. If you set up other locations for your home / I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) then it will be easier to change Internet settings between service providers.

3 Mac Network Connection window. Select network catergory.

Go to System Preferences/Network

Go to System Preferences/Network. Set up a new location with a name of your choice e.g. HallNet.

In the location box, click on Edit Locations, click on the + symbol in the pop-up box, select HallNet and click OK.

4 Selected Network window

Select the TCP/IP tab

Select the TCP/IP tab, set Show to Built-in Ethernet (or whichever Ethernet interface your Macintosh has) and set Configure IPv4 to "Using DHCP", as shown below. In the Location box, ensure that HallNet is selected and that Ethernet and Configure IPv4 using DHCP are selected.



Follow the instructions in order to register. You will need to know your username and password to register.

Mac OS X Step 2:

Patch your Operating System

Ensure that you have a secure and up-to-date Operating System by using the Software Update feature of OSX. Click on the Apple in the top left of the screen and choose Software Update.

Mac OS X Step 3:

Antivirus Software


Download Sophos from the link below

Click here to go to the Sophos site, click Get Started and follow the steps to register and download the installer


Open downloaded file. Bring new window to front.

Open your Downloads folder. Your browser may have unzipped the download automatically, if not then double click on the zip file (normally called


Open Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edit

Go into the "savosx_he_r" folder and double click on Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edit


Completing Install:

Follow the prompts to install Sophos Anti-Virus.


Auto Update and Activation

Once Sophos has installed it will automatically update and then activate the On Access scanner automatically. You can control Sophos by clicking on the shield icon in the menu bar.

Mac OS X Step 4:

Register with HallNet!

Register with Cloudpath for HallNet connection. You must register each device you connect to HallNet.

Alternatively, manual registration can be completed by connecting to the network in your room, opening your web browser and follow the instructions. For this, you will need to know your MAC address. You can find instructions below.


Apple symbol

Click on the Apple symbol in the top left.


System Preferences

Click on System Preferences.

3 screen grab: system preferences


Click on Network

4 screen grab: Ethernet/network cable.

Select Ethernet

Ensure that Ethernet is selected in the list and click on Advanced.

5 screen grab: mac network hard ware tab

Select the Hardware tab

Click on the Hardware tab, and write down the MAC Address.