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Unsupported Instructions for Linux

The following guide has been written using Ubuntu 11.04, and is provided on a "best efforts" basis only. Other Linux distributions will differ slightly in the location of the Applications.

Linux (Unsupported) Step 1: Network Connection

In order to use the HallNet service you need to configure and register your computer on the network.


Plug in network cable

Plug the network cable into your computer and the wall socket (there should be one socket available, if there are two, use the left-hand one)


Network Settings

The default network settings are likely to be correct, but we would suggest going to your Network Connections, selecting the ethernet (usually called eth0) and choose edit.

3 dhcp configuration and editing window.

Set Ipv4 connection settings

Ensure the Ipv4 connection method is set to Automatic (DHCP).

Linux (Unsupported) Step 2:

Antivirus Software


Ubuntu 11.04

Install from Ubuntu Software Centre (on the Dock), by typing in Virus and installing the Virus Scanner.

You can the scan for virus, the program is available under the Accessories menu.


Ubuntu 9.10

Install from the Software Centre found at the bottom of the Applications menu.

Scan for viruses via Applications > System Tools > Clamtk (or Virus Scanner).

3 Virus Scanner installation (Ubuntu 1104)

Kubuntu users

Applications > System > Software Management.

Applications > System > Virus Scanner.


Linux (Unsupported) Step 3:

Access IT Services Printers

The following guide has been written using Ubuntu 12.10, and is provided on a "best efforts" basis only. Other Linux distributions will differ slightly in the location of the Applications.

Follow these instructions to configure the charged print / copy devices Student-mono, Student-colour, Staff-mono, and Staff-colour.

1 Config pic 1 for adding linux printers

Select "System Settings" and "Printers"

Click on System Settings (be default this is on your taskbar), click on Printers, and click on Add.


Windows Printer via SAMBA

Expand out the Network Printer option and scroll down to Windows Printer via SAMBA. Use the format: smb:// where your printername options are: Student-mono or Student-colour or Staff-mono or Staff-colour

3 Image 2 for configuring linux printer

Set Authentication

Select "Set Authentication" and fill in your University username using the format "LUNET\username" and University password and click "Forward". Do not click on Verify.


Set driver to Ricoh MPC4501

You will need to select the correct print driver for the printer queues is a Ricoh MPC4501.

5 Image 3 for configuring linux printer

Configuring the printer

After printing a test page, you will need to configure it. Printer Options: here you can set if this will be your black and white or colour printer (using 'Color mode'), and if your printer has a finisher unit (stapler etc) those options can be configured here.


Set short name and click "Apply"

When prompted in the Describe Printer page, we suggest the short name should be 'student-mono' / 'staff-mono' / 'student-colour / 'staff-colour' as appropriate; the Description as 'Ricoh MPC4501'; and leave the location blank (as there are many of these printers throughout the campus). Click "Apply".


Repeat for Staff-colour or Student-colour

You will need to repeat for staff-colour or student-colour. And under the Printer Options choose colour.

Linux (Unsupported) Step 4: Register with HallNet

You must now register your computer with HallNet.

Alternatively, manual registration can be completed by connecting to the network in your room, opening your web browser and following the instructions.

After you register you might like to set up ...

  • SoftwareSoftware available to students
  • Printing from Windows