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Data Storage

Documents being used centrally within a School, Professional Service, or for collaboration will be either stored on the University Group Workspace Service, or in Office 365 Groups.

Microsoft Office 365 should be used as the default solution for any of your file storage and collaboration needs. Office 365 can be accessed from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android mobile handsets, and Apple mobile handsets. You can edit and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents at the same time as other Loughborough and external colleagues using familiar Office applications like Word and Excel across multiple computers, Windows, and Mac alike. You can also use forms and survey tools.

Office 365 provides the ability for you to store unlimited numbers of files (1TB), with a maximum individual file size of 100GB. Your files even have version history, if you accidentally overwrite a file, you can restore the previous versions yourself (within 30 days).

Data compliance 

The University holds significant volumes of information, much of which is accessed and processed by staff, students and third parties on a regular basis. It is important that this information is handled correctly and that you are familiar with Policy 3 - Information categories and controls available on the Information Governance website. 

Ensuring appropriate management of data is critical as lost data can cost you, and the University, time and money.

 Data Storage & Sharing Options