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vSphere Client

If you wish to manage/review your virtual server within vSphere, you must now use a web-browser rather than the deprecated desktop client. You can access the Web Client here: - we recommend the HTML 5 version being actively developed by VMware.  You must login with your ‘username-admin’ account.


When logged in to the client

Locate and press the ‘VMs and Templates’ button on the upper left. After clicking you will see a folder named for your school / department and beneath that the servers you manage.

You can now do the following:

  • Check out how your VM is performing with CPU and memory.
  • Attach to the server console session.
  • Check out recent tasks, events and alarms.
  • Shutdown, Restart and pause the VM.
  • Snapshot your VM.

To access the console session for your virtual server, click ‘Launch Web Console’.

VMware Snapshots can be taken before making major changes - these are retained for and automatically deleted (merged) after 15 days.

Follow this link for more information about snapshots.