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Antivirus for your Personal Devices

For personal Windows devices, Loughborough University recommend using the Windows Defender.

Loughborough University has invested in Symantec antivirus suite for staff members to use on their personal Mac or Linux computers and laptops. The software may be installed by any member of University staff however, the software must be removed from home computers once a user ceases to be a member of the University.

Enabling Windows Defender

Looking for additional information, check out these pages from Microsoft

If you encounter any problems the instructions below may be able to help.  Alternatively, the PC Clinic will help you download and install or uninstall the software if you have problems.

Install Symantec for Mac OS

Symantec can be installed on all Macintosh OS X versions where support is provided by Apple.

Note: Please remove any previous versions of Sophos Anti-Virus before installing Symantec. For instructions see the link below. If you encounter any problems the PC Clinic will help you download, install or uninstall the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install this on my office computer or laptop provided by the University?

No, antivirus will already be installed on machines provided by the University for work use. If you are unsure contact IT Services or your local IT support.

Can I have more than one copy of antivirus software installed on my computer?

No, it is recommended you only have one antivirus software suite installed to protect your machine. Having more than one may affect the performance of the antivirus putting your computer at risk. We suggest removing all other antivirus software packages from your computer before installing Symantec.

Can I use a copy on multiple devices? Like my laptop, home PC and Mac?

Yes, we would like you to protect all your personal devices.

Why do I need to do if I leave the University?

You will need to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection from all your computers. Licenses are only provided for Loughborough University staff members.

Antivirus for Campus Devices

Move to Windows Defender

The university is about to make a change to its anti-virus solution for Windows machines.

On labs machines we have already made the change to Windows Defender, for staff machines that move will away from Symantec in November.

You do not need to do anything, but you might notice the removal and Defender doing the machine searches from now on.

If you have any issues please contact the service desk on and we will be able to help you