Final-year students graduating this summer – action required

Important information regarding your student IT account and email

On completion of your studies, your IT user account will enter a 30-day expiry period. The 30-day expiry period will commence from the date of your Programme Board, not your graduation ceremony date.

During the 30-day expiry period, you still have access to email, Microsoft 365, Learn, and your OneDrive account.

After 30 days, access to your account and all University systems will be permanently terminated and data will start to be deleted.

Action required during the 30 day notice period:

  • Email: Update, replace and forward
  • Back up: Microsoft 365 and Learn files
  • Software, IT equipment and print credits

Please visit the Information for Finalists Your University IT account page for full details.

If you are doing resits (Special Assessment Period) or returning to the University for further study or as staff, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section. ‌