Your University IT account

Leaving or graduating this year?

Important information regarding your student IT account and email.

Students are no longer provided with an Alumni account when they graduate, so all the data from existing accounts will be lost when it expires.

On completion of your studies, your IT user account will enter a 30-day expiry period. After 30 days, access to your account and all University systems will be permanently terminated and data will start to be deleted.

You will receive a bespoke email from Registry indicating when the 30-day expiry period will commence. This will be the date of the Programme Board, not your graduation ceremony date.

The Programme Board date is when your record will be set to 'left' by your School, but this varies from course to course.

If you are doing resits (Special Assessment Period) or returning to the University for further study or as staff, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section. ‌ 

During the 30-day expiry period, you still have access to email, Microsoft 365, Learn, and your OneDrive account.

Email: Update, replace and forward

  • Update your contact details as your University email address will close and be deleted.

This is important if you want to stay in touch with the University after you leave through the Alumni Association. It will also ensure you’ll be able to provide feedback about your University experience through the Graduate Outcomes Survey.

Update your contact information. 

  • Where you have quoted or registered with your University email address (online accounts, job applications, etc), replace this with a personal email address.
  • If you have a Loughborough Sport account, please update your email address in the 'My Account' section of the Loughborough Sport app to gain access to alumni services and offers. If you require further support, please contact
  • Forward important emails stored in your student account that you may need in the future.
  • This also applies to any social media accounts linked to your University email address, don't forget to update these before your email account expires.

Back up: Microsoft 365 and Learn files

  • Backing up your files and data on your OneDrive account and desktop is crucial because your Loughborough Microsoft 365 account (including Teams and OneDrive) will be terminated and deleted. Instructions for backing up OneDrive data.
  •  Download/export documents you want to keep from Learn. Your access will be terminated and any files deleted. Please note: the download of learning materials from Learn is for personal use only. For more information, please refer to paragraph 2.14 of the University’s Terms and Conditions of Study.

Software, IT equipment and print credits

  • Remove any University software installed on your device.
  • If you have loaned any IT equipment, please ensure that this equipment is returned to the PC Clinic in the Library before leaving the University.
  • To redeem any unused printer credits of £5 or over, please complete and submit the following online form. For more information, please refer to the Print services website. Print credit accounts will be closed after the refund has been processed or at the end of the 30-day expiry period. 

Personal Best access

Some access to the Personal Best web application will be available after graduation. However, to gain this, students must have logged in before their Loughborough University IT account expires.

Students will be prompted to edit their Personal Best login details closer to the time, to allow them to access after graduation.

For more information, please contact


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section. ‌

For further assistance, please contact IT Services via