Meet our academic experts in the Marketing group.

Dr Ruby Appiah-Campbell

Lecturer in Marketing

Ofer Dekel Dachs

Dr Ofer Dekel Dachs

Lecturer in Marketing

Belinda Dewsnap

Dr Belinda Dewsnap

Senior Lecturer in Marketing Strategy

Professor Bo Edvardsson

Visiting Professor of Business Administration

Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Retailing

Thorsten Gruber

Professor Thorsten Gruber

Professor of Marketing and Service Management

Kemefasu Ifie

Dr Kemefasu Ifie

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Rachael Mabe

Pronouns: She/her

University Teacher in Marketing

Nina Michaelidou

Professor Nina Michaelidou

Professor in Marketing

Head of Marketing group

Sahar Mousavi

Dr Sahar Mousavi

Lecturer in Marketing

Arinze Nwoba

Pronouns: He/him

Lecturer in Marketing

David Peck

Teaching Fellow in Marketing

Jim Saker

Professor Jim Saker

Emeritus Professor

Brian Searle

Brian Searle

Associate Lecturer in Marketing

Anne Souchon

Professor Anne Souchon

Professor of International Marketing

Victoria Story

Professor Vicky Story

Professor of Marketing

Dr Cagri Talay

Lecturer in Marketing

Dandan Zhu

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant in Marketing and Retailing