International Business, Strategy and Innovation

We’re sharing new ideas to help managers make better sense of globalisation and the digital economy.

Our research in this area brings together expertise from multiple disciplines including information systems, economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, leadership and political science.

The international business environment is highly turbulent and complex. The problems facing managers and organisations in today’s global economy are typically centred on the need to enhance practices and cross-cultural collaborations that cut across different international contexts.

Our research aims to address several pressing needs in tackling challenges. Utilising digital resilience as a platform, we conduct research in international business, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. We also explore issues related to effective strategising and innovation, particularly relevant during periods of increasing economic, political, social and geographical turbulence. Prioritising responsible AI management, we focus on digital strategies to navigate the complexities of AI integration.

What we're working on

Our research falls into three main areas:

International business

including cross-cultural management and teams, internationalisation strategies of emerging markets, corporate governance and executive pay practices.


including digital strategy, responsible AI, culture, identity and strategy, international teamwork, organising for virtual work and global sourcing strategies.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

including outsourcing innovation, innovation in management, innovation in high-tech firms, tech start-ups, co-innovation, family firm business and the public sector.

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