We’re rethinking economics with internationally-recognised research projects spanning the micro and the macro, as well as financial and international economics.

Loughborough’s economics research regularly features in world-leading journals and has an impact on public policy.

With projects covering everything from macroeconomic policy initiatives and the outcomes of imperfectly competitive markets, to banking and financial technology – our researchers are proactively producing impactful research that addresses contemporary economic challenges.

Our research feeds strongly into all our economics programmes, equipping our students with the new perspectives and rigorous set of skills needed to tackle some of the world’s most pressing economic problems.

What we're working on

Our economics research is focused around four key themes.

Monetary economics and macroeconomics

Including fiscal policy, financial contagion, capital and housing markets, stock market dynamics, exchange rate regimes, labour markets and unemployment, and central bank independence.


Including advertising, pricing, consumer behaviour, collusion, mergers, and research and development.

Financial economics

Including banking and financial technology, highly applied institutional and regulatory analyses, and the econometric investigation of financial time series, and the performance of banks.

International economics

Including cross-border trade and foreign direct investment, international finance and exchange rate regimes, and international economic and policy shocks, such as the Greek/Eurozone crisis and Brexit.

Members work collaboratively with other academic groups and research centres across the University and further afield, with members also holding visiting positions at other prestigious institutions.

Delve deeper into our research

Interdisciplinary research

The School hosts several interdisciplinary research centres and interest groups, and our economists contribute to their work.

Centre for Productivity and Performance Money and Developing Economies Trade Agreements, Negotiation Strategy, Investment and Technology Health and Wellbeing


Our Economics group is also responsible for the teaching of our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in economics. With a strong focus on practice-led, topical teaching, our programmes equip students with the analytical and practical skills needed to deal creatively with economic, financial and management issues.

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