Accounting and Finance

We’re helping firms look at accounting and finance through a different lens, with research that supports more sustainable and responsible business growth.

Our overriding aim is to produce research that’s highly rigorous, but also relevant to contemporary issues and debates.

From firm-financing choices and pay-out strategies, to cost management techniques and sustainability accounting – we’re helping firms tap into new, more sustainable ways of operating financially.

As well as having professional and academic qualifications highly suited to work in this field, a number of our researchers serve, or have served, on prestigious academic and practitioner boards, and hold editorial positions in key academic journals. We work with major banks as well as domestic and international partners to co-create the research the finance industry needs most.

What we're working on

The group pursues rigorous, high impact research aligned with the University's key priorities:

  • reducing inequalities
  • improving public health and wellbeing
  • creating sustainable communities
  • addressing climate change.

The group leverages innovations in AI, big data, blockchain and other emerging technologies to transform accounting and finance models to advance sustainability goals. Our research explores how these fields can optimize resource allocation, improve financial inclusion, address climate change challenges and drive more equitable business practices.

Through rigorous scholarship, industry and policymaker partnerships, our group aims to improve corporate transparency and accountability on issues like modern slavery, diversity reporting and the circular economy. Our research informs policies, regulations and business frameworks to reduce inequality and build a more sustainable future.

Overall, the group conducts cutting edge, collaborative research focusing on accounting, finance, data science and technology. Our innovative work tackles pressing social and environmental priorities and reimagines the potential of accounting and finance disciplines to drive real-world impact.

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