Accounting and Finance

We’re helping firms look at accounting and finance through a different lens, with research that supports more sustainable and responsible business growth.

Our overriding aim is to produce research that’s highly rigorous, but also relevant to contemporary issues and debates.

From firm-financing choices and pay-out strategies, to cost management techniques and sustainability accounting – we’re helping firms tap into new, more sustainable ways of operating financially.

As well as having professional and academic qualifications highly suited to work in this field, a number of our researchers serve, or have served, on prestigious academic and practitioner boards, and hold editorial positions in key academic journals. We work with major banks as well as domestic and international partners to co-create the research the finance industry needs most.

What we're working on

Research in the group falls into four main areas, with considerable overlap between each.

Corporate finance

including corporate takeovers and mergers, pay-out strategies, financing choices, labour market frictions and firm behaviour.

Financial markets

including equity forecasting, asset predictability, fund management, term structure of interest rates and co-movements of international yield curves.

Management accounting

including the performance of organisations, and analysing the efficiency and effectiveness of systems.

Corporate sustainability

including corporate governance and corporate boards, audit committees, financial reporting, auditing and sustainability accounting.

Members often contribute to more than one area, as well as collaborating with colleagues in other academic groups within the Business School.

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