Meet our academic experts in the Management Science and Operations group.


Nikolaos Argyris

Dr Nikolaos Argyris

Senior Lecturer in Operational Research

Cihan Butun

Dr Cihan Butun

Lecturer in Management Science and Operations

Kamran Chatha

Senior Lecturer in Management Science and Operations

Alan French

Dr Alan French

Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods

Professor Jan Godsell

Pronouns: She/her

Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy

Jacob Gwa

Dr Jacob Gwa

University Teacher in Management Science and Operations

Malcolm King

Malcolm King

Emeritus Professor of Management Sciences

Baibing Li

Professor Baibing Li

Professor of Business Statistics and Management Science

Jiyin Liu

Professor Jiyin Liu

Professor of Operations Management

Vikki Locke

Professor Vikki Locke

Professor of Teaching Practice

Rupal Mandania

Dr Rupal Mandania

Senior Lecturer in Management Science

Gilberto Montibeller

Professor Gilberto Montibeller

Professor of Management Sciences

Grammatoula Papaioannou

Dr Grammatoula Papaioannou

Senior Lecturer in Business Analytics

Victor Podinovski

Professor Victor Podinovski

Professor of Operational Research

Head of Management Science and Operations group

Duncan Robertson

Dr Duncan Robertson

Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences

Antuela Anthi Tako

Professor Antuela Anthi Tako

Professor in Operational Research

Visiting professors

Professor Raimo Hamalainen

Professor Raimo Hamalainen

Visiting Professor of Decision Sciences

Professor Detlof von Winterfeldt

Professor Detlof von Winterfeldt

Visiting Professor of Decision Sciences

Visiting fellows

Johannes Jaspersen

Johannes Jaspersen

Junior Professor of Behavioural Decision-Making and Insurance (LMU, Munich, Germany)

Juuso Liesiö

Juuso Liesiö

Associate Professor of Management Science (Aalto University, Finland)