Mindfulness Colouring Book

We commissioned talented illustration and fine art students to create drawings for a mindfulness colouring book. Each illustration was accompanied by a feature on the student.

‘Keep Calm & Carry On Colouring’ was a publication featuring 16 drawings by Loughborough University students, which were selected by LU Arts. The illustrations were accompanied by statements from the artists about themselves, their work and why they wanted to be involved in this project.

The aim of the book was to encourage students studying at Loughborough to manage their stresses through a creative outlet. The collection had drawings dedicated to space, architecture and quirky iconography as well as more abstract designs. All of the contributed pieces were submitted by Fine Art and Graphic Communication and Illustration students and graduates, who were paid for their work.

Copies of the mindfulness colouring book were distributed to students and staff across campus and at wellbeing events. They are no longer available but you can download printable versions of the colouring designs at the bottom of this page.

Talking about the book, Director of LU Arts Nick Slater said: 

Mindfulness is the quality of being present and fully engaged with whatever we’re doing in the moment, free from distraction and fully focused on the activity we are involved in. We wanted the colouring book to help other students to escape the stresses of daily life, providing an opportunity to channel their thoughts and creativity through colouring in the imaginative and intricate drawings contained within the book.

 One of the contributing artists, Becky Shepperson, added: 

Colouring is one of those things that can benefit everybody, there’s nothing more relaxing than cosying up with a hot drink and a colouring book to destress – it’s helped me many times! I hope my design will allow people to forget about life’s stresses for a while and fall in love with art.