Tuition and classes

Are you looking for the opportunity to do something creative in your spare time? Or do you want to keep up your music playing or singing? We offer a choice of three different evening classes as well as one-to-one music tuition.

You can learn and develop new creative skills such as pottery or writing in our evening classes. While keen musicians can book music tuition, which is also available to those who want to start playing an instrument for the first time.

You can sign up for creative evening classes in painting and drawing, pottery and creative writing. The classes (usually) run for ten weeks in the autumn and spring terms each year. They give you the chance to progress and work at a greater depth than a one-off workshop. The classes are open to students, University staff and members of the public and are suitable for mixed ability levels. All of the classes take place on campus on week nights.

If you are looking to keep up your music playing or fancy taking up a new instrument, then we also offer one-to-one music tuition in singing and a range of instruments. Music tuition is only available to students and University staff.