Freshers 2023

Welcome to Loughborough! Get your Uni life off to a creative start with LU Arts.

We're a small team based in Martin Hall and it's our job to help you find ways to be creative outside of your studies. It might be keeping up an existing hobby or skill while you're at Uni or learning something completely new.

Our events and activities are open to any student, no matter what subject you are studying and no matter what your ability level is. From music and performing arts to creative writing and visual arts, we've got it covered! Our events includes hands-on workshops, evening classes, music tuition, open mic performances, exhibitions and much more. There are also one-off competitions and opportunities to showcase your work and skills.

You can find out more by exploring our website using the sections below. If you have any questions then please email us at 

We also have a variety of events on over the coming weeks for you to join.

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