Arts and wellbeing

From online student-led mindfulness workshops promoting health and wellbeing to our mindfulness colouring book pages, which you can download and colour in at home, we have a range of activities to keep you feeling happy whilst staying at home!

Involvement in any type of arts and cultural activity is proven to help your health and well-being. There are many studies and documentation outlining its benefits, but we don’t need these to tell you how it helps make you feel better. Have a go at any of LU Arts activities and we are sure you will reap the rewards.

The positive effects of the arts for health and wellbeing have been well-documented. Arts Council England has identified in their research the positive impact of the arts upon mental health, not least depression and anxiety, as well as improvements in social wellbeing, including reduced loneliness and isolation.

We understand the current measures which have been implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19 will have a negative effect on health & wellbeing. With this in mind, we have compiled some arts-based resources to help to stay happy at a challenging time.

Khaya, from Nottingham-based female empowerment group Femme Fatale Gals, ran our programme of health and wellbeing activities in student halls in 2019-20. Here she gives us her top tips on how to stay calm during difficult times.