Centre for Research in Communication and Culture

Research themes

Media, Memory and History

We turn to the past to understand how the media becomes involved in major social changes and to learn from historical failures as well as achievements.

Our scholars work on various aspects of early modern and modern cultural history, including popular culture, identity, transcultural representation and interaction.

What is it that makes the media turn?

Professor Sabina Mihelj talks about her interests in a range of cultural and social aspects of modern media and the relationship with nationalism, religion and the public sphere.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Media history – book culture, television, media and war, transmission of media content and the creation of media events;
  • Individual memory, psychological dynamics of remembering and cultural practices of representing, communication and transmitting memory;
  • Media and communication technologies in shaping our sense of time;
  • Contingencies of knowledge about the past.

Screening Socialism

The Screening Socialism project, led by Professor Sabina Mihelj, Loughborough University, and funded by the Leverhulme Trust, offers the first transnational, comparative investigation of television in state socialist Eastern Europe.

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