Research in Physical Geography

Physical Geographers at Loughborough conduct leading edge research with a strong tradition of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaborations.

We have an excellent track-record of research funding from UK Research Councils as well as charities, governmental and non-governmental partners. Our commitment to the co-production of knowledge with public, private and third sector partners ensures that our research informs local to global scale environmental management.

Research activity is organised into two main groupings:

a lake surrounded by trees and rocks

Centre for hydrological and ecosystem science

Research under this theme investigates a wide spectrum of hydrological, ecological and geomorphological processes with interests in monitoring, modelling and management at a range of spatial and temporal scales. The focus is on interdisciplinary research within the overlapping realms of climate change, hydrology, ecology and geomorphology.

Cluster Leader: Professor Rob Wilby

a lake with the alps in the backround

Polar and alpine research centre

Research under this theme links investigations into a wide range of environmental processes and changes that characterise the world’s cold places: high latitudes and high altitudes. The priority is inter-disciplinary research on biogeochemical and sediment transfer processes amongst terrestrial, marine, lacustrine, cryospheric and atmospheric systems.

Cluster Leader: Dr Jeff Evans