Enterprise and impact

We have a long track record of co-producing knowledge with a diverse range of users, beneficiaries and communities, delivering impact in multiple ways.

We have an inclusive approach to working with non-academic stakeholders to design and conduct research that matters. A distinctive feature of our research is our longstanding commitment to conducting work to improve the situation for the most vulnerable people and places.

Impact case studies

Adapting water and energy infrastructure to climate change

Co-development of tools and procedures for incorporating climate change in water and energy investments has since been adopted within individual projects worth $60-500m and shaped procedures behind $80 billion planned investment (2019-2030).

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Modern Energy For All

The FCDO have invested £39.8m in a ground-breaking 5-year programme to transform the sustainable cooking sector from biomass to cleaner modern energy cooking systems.

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Surface water flood nowcasting for emergency responders

World leading flood nowcasting technology and statistical downscaling techniques are creating real-time and projected surface water flood maps for the UK Government’s Resilience Direct platform.

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Examples of wider impact

Enabling youth citizenship

The first in-depth and geographical analysis of the UK Government’s £297m flagship National Citizen Service youth programme, impacting half a million 15 to 17-year olds, has led directly to policy improvements in programme quality and delivery.

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Rolex Perpetual Planet Extreme Expedition to Mount Everest

We designed, installed and data-manage the world’s highest weather stations at 8,430 and 7,945 metres on Mount Everest.

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Smithsonian Institution – Homo sapiens in Arabia

Working with the Smithsonian Institution our latest research likely represents the oldest securely dated evidence for Homo sapiens in Arabia.

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Unicef - Children Before Players

We have worked with UNICEF to publish the first guide to child trafficking in football for professional football clubs.

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Weddell Sea Expedition

We co-led the coring team on the multi-stakeholder supported Weddell Sea Expedition, an unprecedented 45-day scientific expedition to one of the most remote areas on the globe that included a search for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s lost ship, Endurance.

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World Bank – State of Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services

We co-authored a major report with The World Bank which finds that four billion people around the world still lack access to clean, efficient, convenient, safe, reliable, and affordable cooking energy.

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UN Solar Energy Classification

We were part of the international expert group who produced the ‘UN Framework Classification for Resources to Solar Energy’ that is delivering improved consistency in the interpretation of solar resource estimates.

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Studentification Guide for North America

Working with the International Town Gown Association we produced the Studentification Guide for North America which is being used by higher education institutions and city governments to deliver effective integration and management of student populations within residential neighbourhoods.

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