17. Children’s Drawings

Dr Elizabeth Mavroudi

This project focused on children and young people in the Greek, Jewish and Palestinian diasporas in the Midlands region of England and their views and perceptions of identity and politics.

It is important to hear the views of children and young people in diaspora; as this research found out, they have many opinions and want to be heard and listened to by people in positions of power. Using an intentionally broad notion of politics, young people described issues they were not happy about in their lives and communities, at different scales (from local, national and transnational) and what they felt they could do about creating positive changes. The research also revealed complex negotiations of identity and politics which were geographically diverse as these drawings show. They were asked to draw and document their connections to people, things and places that were important to them in their lives and across the world as a way to get them to open up and discuss their lives, identities and politics.