We try to embed sustainability into everything we do at Loughborough and we work with students and staff across the University to promote awareness with campaigns and activities throughout the year.

The University is committed to acting in a socially responsible way that maximises its positive, and minimises its negative, impact on society and the communities in which it is based.

We pride ourselves on being a green and sustainable campus which is managed by the in-house gardens team, who follow a number of sustainability principles while managing the campus. We have more than 7,500 trees on campus (not counting those in our two ancient woodlands) and the campus is home to many different species and plants and provides a wonderful place for wildlife and people to thrive.

We also have our own apiary with around 500,000 bees where our own Loughborough Gold Honey comes from!

Our goals

Key sustainability goals which will directly impact your time with us include:

  • aspiring to create a learning environment where students are provided with the opportunity to become informed on the applicability of sustainability to their area of study,
  • enhancing the student experience through informal learning using the bio diverse and exceptionally green campus as a platform to foster sustainable and healthy lifestyles alongside learning,
  • managing our estate in an efficient and low risk way reducing our impact through ongoing monitoring of our operational processes, systems and outputs.

Get involved

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in sustainability and help us deliver and achieve our goals.

Each hall has its own FREEC rep (Food, Residential, Ethics, Environmental, Campus Watch) that will help organise environmental related activities in your hall such as hall switch offs, environment documentary nights and meatless Mondays.

As part of LSU Action (Students' Union), you can help with a variety of conservation projects at Butler Court Nature reserve or Burleigh woods, or maybe you want to help with the annual campus apple harvest.

You can also develop your sustainability skills with the University’s Personal Best development programme. This unique programme helps students to recognise and develop their own unique ‘toolkit’ of skills which will help them stand out when applying for graduate and placement roles. Sustainability and Social Responsibility is incorporated into the Global Citizenship element of the Personal Best framework.

Connect with us

Keep up to date with Sustainability at Loughborough and be the first to find out about campaigns and ways you can get involved by following our social media channels.

You can also check out our Sustainably Speaking blog, where we discuss a whole host of environmental issues from going vegan to the war on ocean waste. We often have guest contributions from our students passionate about sustainability and environmental issues and we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved!

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