Loughborough Students' Union

Our award-winning Students’ Union ensures that you’re provided with the very best student experience. From night-life to professional development, we work to develop a community of empowered students at Loughborough. We’re run by our students and their ideas; led by a sabbatical team, our staff endeavour to keep the student voice as our leading drive.

Whether you’re looking to study or hang out, our Union building has it all. A light, open space in the daytime and transformed into a vibrant club at night, we aim to provide a space that everyone feels welcome in. Hosting a multitude of shops as well, you can find everything in our SU!

Off campus roadshow

‘Freshers – Welcome to Loughborough 2023’ is an opportunity for all first-year students, whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, to network with other students by attending events and activities both on and off our university campus.

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With everything from Airsoft & Paintball to our Classical Orchestra, societies are student-run groups focused around common interests or developing new ones. Want to develop your CV and employability skills? Everything in societies is run by our students and union staff provide support for our student volunteers. They’re communities to find your home away from home at university.

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LSU Media is our award-winning home of all things media; whether you’re looking to host your own radio show, publish your own articles, or publicise your photography. Equipped with our very own media studio, you can develop your skills and level up your experience. If you're an aspiring writer, filmmaker or interested in presenting this is the place for you!

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The wider Loughborough community is a massive part of what we do, and our Action section sees over 800 students get involved in local volunteering projects. From landscaping community green spaces to caring for the elderly, we provide opportunities that anyone can get involved with to give back to their local community.



Enterprise works to provide workshops, events and competitions to allow you to recognise your own potential and bring to life the entrepreneurial skills in you. More than just helping student businesses, we help all students to have resilience and imagination to bring their ideas into reality.



Ready to raise some money for charity? Get excited by our on-campus events, raise the stakes with our raids, or take on tough challenges like trekking Kilimanjaro, skydiving, or cycling the coast of Scotland. Rag is here to empower you to support local, national and international charities, all while taking on the challenge of a lifetime, with experiences you'll never forget. We've raised over £10 million in the last 10 years, so come and join the Rag Family - be a part of the legacy.

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Welfare and Diversity

Welfare and Diversity is made up of our minority and liberation groups at Loughborough. Whether our volunteers are promoting positive health and wellbeing or empowering the voice of underrepresented students, we’re here to provide support, activism, fun and education for minoritized groups and causes. We provide opportunities to lead campaigns, facilitate support networks and work as a signposting hub to both local and university-led support services. We’re here to offer a helping hand at university.

Welfare and Diversity