Loughborough Students' Union

Our award-winning Students’ Union is owned, controlled and run by its members, offering an unrivalled array of facilities and services. The Union is there to ensure that we continue to provide the very best student experience.

Our Union building is the central hub on campus. It’s a lively space that’s always buzzing with students, events and activities, complete with a coffee bar, shop, restaurant and more. At night, the building transforms into a 4,000 capacity club that hosts the best events and entertainment on campus.

How you can get involved


Join one of over 100 societies on offer – get involved in anything from Shakespeare to quidditch to hot air ballooning! Societies are student-run groups that can offer you the opportunity to continue your hobbies whilst at University, learn new skills and meet like-minded people.

You can also look to start your own, click here for more information.

Our societies


Try your hand at video production, broadcasting, radio hosting, journalism, design or photography with LSU Media in our full-equipped media studios. LSU Media is a place for artists, creatives and individuals who are interested in producing exciting, new content to develop their skills and gather experience whilst at University. If you're an aspiring writer, filmmaker or interested in presenting this is the place for you!

LSU Media

Athletic Union

Our AU consists of 58 clubs, proudly boasting a 4,000+ strong membership and topping the BUCS Championships for 40 consecutive years!  As part of the Students Union our AU represents both members of Loughborough University and Loughborough College. The AU's main responsibility is to run and promote sporting activities and provide guidance to our sports clubs.

Our AU Clubs


Volunteer alongside 1,400 LSU Action members and get involved in some of our many projects, from working with the local community to helping the elderly. LSU Action specialises in weekly projects focused around helping the local community in Loughborough. There are over 45 individual projects which you can get involved with.

Action projects


Get involved in Enterprise and develop your entrepreneurial skills whilst at University. You can hone these at our events and competitions as well as our workshops and business drop-in sessions! Being enterprising isn't just about running your own business, it's about having the skills, the resilience and the imagination to bring ideas into reality and to overcome obstacles in your way. We aim to inspire students to recognise their potential and to see how other people in similar situations to your own have started projects and businesses.

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Join LSU Rag and help us raise money for amazing charities. Since 2008, Rag has raised over £1 million every year for local, national and international charities and has raised £17 million since 1979! By getting involved with LSU Rag you can embark on once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences you’ll never forget whilst helping good causes.

Rag opportunities

Welfare and Diversity

From promoting positive health and wellbeing to providing underrepresented students with a voice, our Welfare and Diversity section is there to represent and support all of our students during their time at Loughborough. Welfare focuses on the wellbeing of all of our students at University, whereas Diversity focuses on supporting and empowering diverse and underrepresented students groups; ensuring they have a voice within LSU and University settings. Whether you are an international student, an LGBT+ student or a disabled student, we are here to support you.

Our associations