Advice for parents and guardians

Congratulations – you are now a proud parent or guardian of a Loughborough student! This is an exciting time for them, they are starting a new journey and while it will be difficult in the beginning (for both of you) they will quickly settle into their new routine.

Top tips

There are a number of things you can do before your family member officially starts university to make sure they are as prepared as possible for their brand new adventure.

Online registration and IT credentials

Before arriving at Loughborough University, we expect all new students to register and to do this they need to retrieve their IT credentials. Their IT account will provide a Loughborough University email, username and password which will allow them to access their online student portal – which contains lots of useful information.

The online registration is completed when they have collected their student ID card from their hall of residence on their arrival day. Please provide them with a photocopy of the personal details page of their passport which they should bring with them, along with their original passport, when they go to collect their ID card.

We have created a full checklist of what they need to do before they arrive.

Book an arrival slot

This is the date which they will move into their accommodation. If you have not heard anything from the Student Accommodation Centre or you are unable to attend the date then please get in touch.

Set up a student bank account

It’s important to set up a bank account before arriving to university. Be sure to have a look around and take note of all the best student bank accounts available – it’s easy for students to get distracted by fancy promotions that won’t prove very useful in the long run.

Don't forget to pack important documents

When packing to come to university, we recommend bringing the following documents:

University acceptance letter
Accommodation terms, information and contract
Student loan documents
Insurance document (if applicable)
Bank account details
National insurance Number
NHS health card
Passport or UK birth/adoption certificate (required for registration)
TV licence (if applicable)
Passport photos
Reading List

Have you thought about insurance cover?

At Loughborough University we provide Possessions Insurance (through Endsleigh Insurance) for the duration of their time living in university accommodation. This covers a wide range of belongings within the room.

However it does not cover laptops, tablets and phones outside the room, therefore you may wish to consider taking out additional cover to protect these essentials. You can normally speak to your current home and contents insurance providers, as they may be able to cover these belongings on your existing insurance. 

For further information regarding the insurance provided, please visit our accommodation website

Do you think they'll need a TV licence?

Students will not need to have a TV licence if they intend to watch TV in the communal areas. However, they might need a TV licence if they plan on watching or recording live TV as it is being shown in their bedroom. To find out if they will need a TV licence, please visit the TV Licensing website.


It’s easy to get carried away and pack for every eventuality. Do try and remember that there are shops in Loughborough where you can buy additional items and you can always bring more stuff up with you when you come to visit them.

You can also take some of the stress out of moving by pre-ordering packs from UniKitOut and use discount code LOUGH10 to save 10% on your order.

Take a look at our guide on what to pack.

Try and prepare

Don’t expect them to know what to do. They will probably be incredibly overwhelmed with the whole situation and look to you for guidance. Try and prepare for the day itself by reading any material we send to them.

The calmer you are about the situation the calmer they will be too.

Budget plan

Before starting university, we recommend our new students to sit down and devise a budget plan. This will help them to manage their finances throughout the duration of their studies.

Ask them if they have completed a budget plan and if they need any help. You have a lot more experience and might be able to help them identify any additional outgoings which they haven’t considered.

Stay positive and be a rock

Although exciting, many new students find the start of university a challenge. They are pushed completely out of their comfort zone and may express concerns about making friends, fitting in, getting to grips with the course and as a result they may experience homesickness. This is completely natural and lots of new students feel exactly the same.

Try and offer encouragement and be there when they need you. Over time, they will soon settle in and feel more at home. If you have any concerns, then please get in touch with us at the University, but please be aware that unless your family member is under 18, we will need to obtain their consent before we can discuss their situation with you. You can also encourage them to contact Student Services directly, where they can obtain support on health and wellbeing, managing their studies, accommodation, money matters and careers advice.