Paying your student fees

Your student account will reflect charges (tuition fees, accommodation fees and some other costs such as field trips) and payments you make towards these.

Tuition fees vary for each programme. Your Offer Letter will include the tuition fees payable for the first year of your programme.

Your tuition fees cover the cost of registration, teaching and assessments, as well as access to a range of University facilities including the library, IT equipment and other support services.

Your tuition fees do not cover general study costs for books, stationery and personal IT equipment. Additional costs may apply for some programmes, such as the cost of lab safety equipment, field trips and craft materials. To find out if your programme is likely to incur additional costs, please contact your School or Department directly.

Student loan payments

If you are receiving a tuition fee loan from Student Finance your tuition fees will typically be paid directly to the University each term, and will show on your statement once they have been received.

If you are eligible for a Maintenance Loan or Grant, this will be paid directly into your student bank account in three instalments throughout the year. Your first payment will usually be released by Student Finance after the first day of term, and at least four working days after you have collected your ID card to complete your registration.

Payments from outside the UK

We strongly advise international students to consider the risk changes in exchange rates could pose to their ability to pay their fees and support themselves during their studies. To reduce these risks we would recommend paying your tuition and University accommodation fees in full at the beginning of the year, as well as transferring any funds required for living expenses into a UK bank account at the earliest possible opportunity.