Much of the information that we require will already have been provided to us via your application – however, we do need you to check this to ensure that it is correct. We also need to collect some additional information that wasn't provided as part of your application.

You'll receive an email, inviting you to register

After your place at Loughborough is confirmed, you will be invited to register approximately six weeks prior to your arrival at the University.

Retrieve your IT credentials

Before you are able to complete the online registration process, you will need to retrieve your IT credentials (username, password and email address). These will become available to you six weeks prior to the start of your programme. You will not be able to complete the online registration process until you have received an email inviting you to register, and have collected your credentials.

Prepare a photo

As part of the online registration process, you will need to upload a photograph of yourself. We recommend that you prepare this before you log onto the online registration site. Your registration and production of your student ID card may be delayed if your photo does not meet our system requirements.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required when accessing University online services and IT systems remotely.

If you have not already registered your mobile device with DUO mobile app, you will be required to complete this to access the online registration system.

Start the online registration process

Once you have retrieved your IT credentials, set-up your MFA access and prepared your photograph, you are then ready to start online registration.

You will not be able to complete the online registration process until you have received an email inviting you to register. If you try to register before that, you will get an error informing you that your credentials have not been recognised.

If you have previously started the online registration process but still need to upload your photo, please use the Photo upload portal instead of the link above.

Change your password

Once you have completed the online registration process, we recommend that you change your password to something stronger to minimise any information security risks.  Click the link below, to enrol onto the password reset system. Click Enrol entering your username, not your email address.

Collect your new student ID card

If you have successfully completed online Registration prior to the start of your course, then your new student ID card will have been printed and will be ready for you to collect when you arrive at the University. Once you have collected your student ID card, we will fully enrol you at Loughborough University and your registration will be complete - after which you be able to access University facilities, services and online portals. 

Please note: in order to collect your University ID card, you will be required to show appropriate ID, such as a passport, to confirm your identity and right to study in the UK.  Driving licences are not accepted for this purpose. 

By registering with Loughborough University, you are also confirming that you have read and are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Study