Applying for accommodation

We have 16 undergraduate halls of residence situated on or very close to campus. Each hall has its own unique identity and there are a variety of catering and self-catering options available to suit different budgets.

The community spirit in our halls of residence is unrivalled by any UK university. Where you live and who you live with will create some of the best memories of your time at Loughborough.

Firm choice applicants

If you've made Loughborough your firm choice and meet the conditions of your academic offer and accommodation guarantee, you will be able to reserve a room in halls from Thursday 17 or Friday 18 August 2023 depending on your course.

When choosing your accommodation, try and keep an open mind. We've got a whole range of rooms with buzzing personalities and opportunities to make new friends, so you're bound to have an amazing time whichever hall you're in.

We do recommend that you research the accommodation room options in advance and have a list of your preferred room choices ready before you go online to reserve your room.

If you have missed the deadline to register for an accommodation account and not met your accommodation guarantee, you will only be able to access the room preference system.

If you identify as non-binary or transgender and require further advice or support relating to your accommodation application, please contact our accommodation team and they will be happy to help.

Art and Design Foundation, Insurance and Clearing applicants

You will be able to access the room preference system from Monday 21 August 2023 once your place has been confirmed.

You can select five accommodation preferences based on an area of the campus, room type and catering option. We will then send you an email summarising your request.

Our team will use your preferences as a guide when allocating accommodation. Please note that depending on availability, we are not able to guarantee that you will be offered your preferred room type. The system will take into account both your preference options and the date of your application.

Once the accommodation team have allocated you a room, you will be sent an email confirming your accommodation offer and how to view and accept this online. You will receive your offer via the email address you have provided on your University application.

Please note that offers of accommodation will not be made until after 23 August 2023.