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Let's ditch the disposable, take some time out relax and drink it in.

The truth about disposable paper cups…….
Here are a few things to get you thinking:

The Cup Campaign…….
We would like your help to reduce the amount of disposable cups used on campus each year, by:

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
William James

You can make a difference by…

Drinking in…..
Life’s a mad rush, it’s go, go, go. Why not take time out? Don’t grab and go, enjoy your coffee in a proper cup in the surroundings of our retail outlets.

Ditching the disposable for…. The Loughborough Cup……Another Inspiring Winner!
Ok, so sometimes you do just have to grab and go but you can be prepared for this, get yourself a reuse cup, get yourself a Loughborough Cup, the winning choice because

The Loughborough Cup will be available to purchase in most of the campus retail outlets for the price of £7.00 which includes three free hot drinks*. The discount on future hot drink purchases is 10% when using your reuse cup#.
*valid for Loughborough University retail outlets excluding Loughborough Students Union,
#valid for Loughborough University retail outlets, Starbucks in the Loughborough Students Union also offer a 10% discount

Recycling the Cup….. with Simply Cups.
Forgot your reuse cup? OK it doesn't mean you can’t have a coffee, but it does mean using a disposable cup.... However these cups and cups from the vending machines, can now be recycled as long as:


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