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Computer & Software Availability System

Welcome to the Computer & Software Availability system (Keyserver) with built-in campus maps.

 Overview: The Dashboard display is made up of widgets showing different sets of information.

Dashboard Live availability feed of computer labs on campus

  • Lab Live bookings (Red)
  • Self-service 24/7 computers (Orange)
  • Teaching labs - Taught (Blue)
  • Remote access computers (Purple)
  • Library computers

Maps Search for computer labs close to your current location

‌Software Availability Search by Publisher or Category

Click on the selected software option to find out which computer labs have the software installs. Click through to the computer lab options for availability status.

For a full listing of software on a computer, simply click on the Windows icon for the list to be displayed.

Please note that Computer Labs displayed in the Orange, Blue and Black boxes may contain Computer Labs currently booked for teaching (See red box - Live bookings feed), so a room may be unavailable even if none of the PCs are in-use. Some lectures may allow the use of spare PCs, but this is at their discretion.

Please check the digital signage outside the room to see details of upcoming bookings.