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Frequently Asked Questions


Does the availability bar change colour

Yes it does

The availability bars will be green until less than 25% of the computers are available, then yellow until less than 10%, at which point red.


The lab is booked, but why does the room have available machines?

In the system we have left the rooms open even if the room is booked for a class.

Access to the room is at the discretion of the academic

Please ask before entering and remember you may be asked to leave if the machine is needed for teaching

Does internet explorer work for the system?

Internet Explorer will not draw the Dashboard page correctly, please consider using Google Chrome or Firefox instead

What does the machine legend mean on the lab map?

  Red - Machine is in use

  Green - Available


Blue - Turned off

  Clear - Machine is not working or Lab is closed


How do I search for software when I am on a map

When viewing a map, using the main search bar at the top to search for software will show a list of matches to whatever text is typed, just like the software widget. A number of computers with each application installed is shown with the product results. Once a product is selected, that will show in the upper corner of the map, along with a link to other locations that have that application. The computers on the floorplan that do not have the software will be dimmed. This lets you quickly see what systems have the product of interest, and which of those are available or in use. If a given location is full, you can then jump to the other locations and find one that is available.

Can you see a list of software on each machine?

Yes if you click on a machine it will give you a quick list of the software on it

How does the demand forecast work?

Demand Forecast & Lab Hours

The new system will show what hours the lab is open – and even better, it uses historical login data to predict when the lab will be relatively busy or quiet. With this information readily available, you can plan your computer lab time accordingly.

There is also the chart at the bottom of the page


Are the QR codes unique to each lab?

Yes each lab has its own QR codes, bookmark your favourite for easy access to the map in the future

I can only see the Map and not a list of rooms, how do I change this?

Try using the toggle button, this is located on the top right of the screen

Look for this


How does the software page work?

Clicking on a piece of software when you have not selected a lab yet will show a list of locations that have that product installed, much like using the Availability Widget above.

Clicking on a piece of software when you have already selected a room will take you to that room map and highlight the computers where that software is installed, as detailed above in the Availability on Map section.

Some Products will have a More info link and will take you to Learn if you can download for personal use.

Can I see if I can download software for personal use?

Yes, where downloads are available the More Info link will take you to Learn.

If a download is not available, the More Info Link will take you to the vendors site.