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Covid19 - Temporary Remote access

To aid students while campus is closed, we have enabled Remote access on lab machines.

To use this you will need to prepare a few things first.

Firstly, You will need the VPN client

Once you have this and can log on, use the new solution to find the lab you want to access

Click on the room you normally use and where you know the software you want is installed

Once there, look to see if the machine is in use, the colour coding will help with this.  Green means available and Red means in Use

You may find this easier if you toggle away from the room map with this button

The display will look like this

For the one that is green, you can select the Address and an RDP file (for Windows Machines and VNC for Mac) will be downloaded.

Open that file and you will be prompted to log in with your normal university username and password.

  1. When you start the RDP session, you need to put LUNET\ before your user name so it looks like this LUNET\username
  2. You do have to tick to enable the certificate
  3. As normal, once OneDrive is configured in your Profile then you can sign off.

If you get a message that someone is on the machine, please do not try to take over the machine, select cancel and try another.

Once you have finished its very important that you log off so the machine is available for someone else.  Please do not try to leave the session for later.

Here is a quick video to help

Computer availability

The dashboard is made up of widgets showing different sets of information.

The lab booking widget shows live bookings.

There are lists of the 24/7 open access labs, the labs with varied closing times and the labs which are open 24/7 but limited to school students only.

The library has its own dashboard page and widget to help you navigate those rooms, there is also a link to the library opening times and room bookings.

On the software dashboard page there is a widget for software searching.  Type in the first 3 characters of the software title to get started.

On the individual maps there are also QR codes for you to be able to bookmark your favourites labs

Below is a link to the FAQ pages