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Domain Registration and SSL Certificates

Domain Registration

You may wish to have your own web address (known as a domain name) for your web pages. IT Services will handle the registration for you via an external company (whose job it is to ensure that no two web sites have the same name).

Domain Charges: and       £155                        
  2 Years     5 Years    10 Years and        £35              £45             £60         
other  £50 £80 £120

 Addtional charges: Email redirect to address: £30

To request a domain registration please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

If you are requesting a .uk domain please ensure you have read and adhere to Nominets terms and conditions

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates can be obtained to provide the encrypted transfer of data to and from your web site.

These certificates will be obtained from a commercial provider.

Your local IT support can submit the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) on your behalf to IT Services, alternatively you can email the CSR to


SSL certificates are available for 2 years (1 year from 1st September 2020) and cost £130 for any non domains.

There is no charge for certificate requests for domains.

To request an SSL certificate or Domain Registration form, please email

Contact us:

To submit a domain or SSL registration request please use the links below. If you have any questions please email the domains team at We will respond to all emails and requests within 5 business days. 

For abuse reporting please email

To make a complaint please email, we will respond to all complaints within 5 business days.