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Mobile Phone Procurement

Please note that these pages are currently being updated - please get in touch with your departments Daily Contact with any queries (Daily Contacts please get in touch with the MSO team)

IT Services are currently in the process of finalising the new university’s sole supplier for Mobile Telephones and Data Services, following the decision to move to a single supplier in 2017. Once appointed comms will be circulated to each departments 'daily contact' and to the wider University. 

In the interim please refer the below tabs for information on who your departments 'daily contact' is; what to do if you have an issue with your current contract or phone; how to order a new connection; etc. 

Everything you need to know about switching providers...

How do I switch my current number to the new provider?

Only current numbers which are 'out of contract' will be transferred to the new provider once finalised, any remaining numbers will be moved as and when their current contract ends. The process of switching all current numbers over to the new provider will be facilitated by each departments 'Daily Contact' and the Management Support Office (MSO) within IT Services. 

Information for Daily Contacts regarding moving: 

The MSO team in IT Services will contact all daily contacts with full instructions when it is time to move your department over to our new provider. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact the MSO team via email (

 Updated responsibilities:

  1. IT Services will now be responsible for any bills under the new provider.*  Departments remain responsible for any numbers which remain under the original suppliers/contracts until those numbers are out of contract and transferred to the new agreement. (*contracts as part of Research Projects will be recharged to the research budget code each month) 
  2. Handsets will still be purchased from Dept/School budget - Our recommended supplier is Academia and a full list of preferred models is available on request.  

Need a new connection?  

If you require a new connection please contact your departments 'Daily Contact', who will be able to help you with this. Orders will then be placed through the MSO team in IT Services, similar to the old process. Please see the 'Ordering' tab below for further information. 

Information for Mobile Phone Users and Departments Daily Contacts

Each department has a mobile phone 'Daily Contact' who should be all mobile phone users first port of call with any questions, issues and requests. 

Who is my Departments Daily Contact(s)?

Professional Services


Daily Contact 


Campus Living Stephen Bailey
Careers Network Leanne Rowbottom
Tracey Walker
Change Team Sarah Waterfield

Counselling and Disability Services

Ann Hall
Creative and Print Services Marc Smith
Enterprise Office Bhavna Patel 
FM Lisa Slater
Health & Safety Service  Lynda Langford
International Office

Danielle Jarvis
IT Services Sharon Kitson 
Sophie Currie 
LU Arts  Nick Slater 
Marketing and Advancement Hellen McCullum
Research Office Janine Bates

Sports Development Centre (SDC)
Angela Johnston 
Nila Patel 

Staff Development/HR Debbie Clancy
Student Support Centre Deborah Deoraj-Boyd 
Abhiksha Parmar
Vice Chancellors Office (VCO) Kim Schofield 
Janet Wilkinson
Elaine Leadley-Jackson



Daily Contact 


Design School Niran Chauhan
Jayshree Lodhia
Loughborough University, London Jon Linnell
School of AACME Charlotte Hammond 
Rhian Watt 
School of Arts David Taylor
School of Business and Economics Simon Mee
Phil Wilkinson-Blake
School of Civil and Building Engineering Jayshree Lakha
Karishma Joshi
School of Science Elena Heaviside
School of SPGS Sue Clarke
SSEHS  Jenny Sutton
Ramesh Mistry
Carl Shaw
Wolfson School Helen Clarke
Marcela Garner
Alison Flitten
Nicola Lawrence
Alison Fielder
Eleri Bristow
Cheryl Heath
Dawn Schubert

Daily Contacts are Authorised to:

All mobile users are authorised to call providers directly to obtain general information relating to their phone (not including billing information)

However, a password will be required to ensure you are not calling regarding a lost phone. Please speak to your departments 'daily contact' as your first point of call in most instances, they have additional authorisation with the university providers, as follows: 

  • Obtain billing information (For connections prior to Sep 17)
  • Obtain general information
  • Obtain PAC codes
  • Obtain PUK codes
  • Obtain handset unlocking codes
  • Authorised to add/remove services and products e.g. increase data bundles (For connections prior to Sep 17)
  • Handset/phone information including warranty details and carry out diagnostics
  • Raise orders, via MSO team in IT Services, to be placed 

Provider Contact Details


Telephone number: 0800 0790 201

Email address:

Account number: 72318 


Gamma offer a Customer Support Centre (CSC) which provides access to support for Gamma services 24x7. Gamma CSC is a 'helpdesk to helpdesk' function and requires the initial incident to be raised by the Customer's helpdesk/IT service provider.

Methods of Contact:

Email Address:

Telephone number: 0333 014 0333


Telephone number: 0113 388154 / 08009020213

Email address:

PIN:  63401


Telephone number: 0333 304 3333

Email address:

Account number:  670045603 

Tariff Information and Device Specification

Voice and Data SIM:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 2GB Data 

Voice only and Data only SIMs tariffs are also available and further information will follow shortly. In the interim please contact IT Services with any enquiries via email;

Hardware (Phone, tablets etc): 

Each department/school are responsible for purchasing handsets currently. Our recommended supplier is Academia and a full list of available models can be found here.

More information of available iPhones can be found on the Academia Apple catalogue, found here.  

Please note that there is now a mandatory £7 charge for engraving 'Property of Loughborough University' on all Apple orders going forward - please account for this on your purchase orders.  

(Agresso supplier number S10679)

Placing New Orders

For all new connections please contact your departments 'daily contact', they will then help place orders for hardware and facilitate orders for SIM cards and lines. 

For SIM/new connection orders:

We are encouraging any orders for new connections to be put on hold until the new provider is finalised. This ensures that all new connections are put onto the best tariff available to us.

If your order cannot wait, your department's daily contact(s) can order the SIM card for new connections through the MSO team (

Please note, the following information is required:

  1. Delivery address for SIM
  2. Name of user 
  3. Type of hadst SIM will be used with

NB. All number porting requirements must be specified at the point of ordering

For handset orders:

Departments/schools are responsible for purchasing handsets. Our recommended supplier is Academia and a full list of preferred models is available here.  

Information of available iPhones can be found on the Academia Apple catalogue, found here.  

Please note that there is now a mandatory £7 charge for engraving 'Property of Loughborough University' on ALL Apple devices going forward - please account for this on your purchase orders.  

(Academia's Agresso supplier number: S10679)