Introducing MFA for Guests

poster with pc and phone icon promoting MFA for Guests

Upcoming changes: Microsoft 365 links shared externally will require multi-factor authentication

Starting 01 March 2024, external guests must set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access shared Microsoft 365 links. 

To enhance security, Loughborough University requires secondary authentication for all users, including guests, accessing Microsoft 365 services.   

A 'guest' refers to individuals without a email address.    

How does this impact me? 

When University members (staff and students) share files, folders, or invite guests to collaborate on files via Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive they need to verify their identity to access the link.   

Note: This change will not require guests to use MFA to join a Teams meeting. 

To authenticate, guests can use either their institution's MFA method or Microsoft Authenticator. 

This process is now widely being implemented across the sector by other institutions. Loughborough University members can use the Duo Mobile app to set up MFA instead of using another app when prompted.  

Information on using MFA is available on the IT Services website for guests and members of Loughborough University.  

Please note: To avoid access issues on workplace-managed devices, IT Services advises using your Loughborough email address when sharing files and not a personal email address.   

Where can I get more information? 

If you have further questions or queries, please contact the Service Desk at