Have you migrated to MS Teams Phone service?

IT Services has successfully migrated 80% of users to the MS Teams Phone service.

This new service is a replacement for the University Cisco telephone system that will cease operation on Monday, 1 July 2024.

To complete the final phase of migrations before 1 July, the following action is required.

Action required

Please fill out the form via the link provided below if:

1. If you have not had your telephone service (or a reception phone or similar) migrated to MS Teams yet and/or are still using a Cisco telephone handset, or Jabber software.


2. If you are still using a Cisco telephone or Jabber software and do not want to continue to use it after 01 July i.e. you no longer wish to retain your telephone number.
You will not be able to request your number be reactivated after 01 July, and you will lose any voicemails you may have stored.

If you have already been migrated to MS Teams Phone, no action is required.

MS Form link: https://forms.office.com/e/xfJXDpaLi2

Please submit this data no later than Friday, 14 June. Submission will be closed after this date and any telephone service not migrated by the 01 July will cease.

Next steps

If you are option A, IT Services will contact you in due course to arrange for your service to be migrated.

Please note: this does not apply to staff in the following areas. Your migrations are presently underway:

  • The VC's Office
  • Security
  • SDC/Loughborough Sport
  • Estates and Facilities Management